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Numerology 101

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Numerology is the study of numbers and their energetic influence on our lives. Because we see and interact with numbers every day, its easy to take them for granted. But numbers are symbols that carry energetic vibrations which impact humanity on a cosmic level. Every number’s vibrations are unique and, therefore, each affects us in a different way.

Numerology can be used to find direction and meaning in your life. It can also be used for forecasting, to see what kind of energy will be influencing you in the future. Many people even use Numerology as a resource when naming a child or business. The numbers present in a name impact its overall personality and potential, so some will put great intention into choosing a name that brings the desired results.

Your birthday is made up entirely of numbers. Even the letters in your name correspond with specific numbers. There are numbers in your age, your address, your phone number, your paycheck… They are all around you — and within you! The most direct way that they affect your energies is from your very own Numerology chart. The numbers in your chart — like your Life Path and other core numbers — influence you in very personal ways because they are derived from YOUR birth date and full name. Keep reading to learn more about what’s in your Numerology chart, but first, let’s talk about some important numbers!

Single Digits

The foundation of Numerology is the single digits 1-9, because they are the basis of every other number. Any number can be reduced to a single digit by adding up the individual numbers it’s composed of. For instance, the number 17 reduces to 8, because 1 + 7 = 8. The number 231 reduces to 6, because 2 + 3 + 1 = 6. By studying the unique meanings of each digit 1-9, a numerologist can then read the larger meaning of any other number. Here’s a quick look at the meaning of these digits:

1: Independent, goal-oriented, innovative

2: Intuitive, unifying, influential

3: Communicative, artistic, charming

4: Practical, loyal, service-oriented

5: Curious, adaptable, social

6: Supportive, protective, romantic

7: Spiritual, curious, analytical

8: Ambitious, karmic, enduring

9: Awakening, tolerant, supportive

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Double digits

Though the single digits get most of the attention, there are a few double-digit numbers that are so impactful that they are often left in their original two-digit form. These are called “Master Numbers” and there are only three of them: 11, 22, and 33. They are especially spiritual numbers that can have a tremendous impact on a person’s life path and overall purpose.

11: Enlightened, receptive, charismatic

22: Disciplined, capable, successful

33: Nurturing, altruistic, wise

You may also hear about “Karmic Debt Numbers” in Numerology. They are double digits 13, 14, 16, and 19, and having these in your Numerology chart can indicate lessons your soul must learn in this lifetime.

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Your Numerology chart

Your Numerology chart is based almost entirely on your birth date and your full birth name, so your numbers are unique to you and you alone. Through a Numerology reading, a numerologist calculates the placements in your chart and reveals their energetic impact. You may have heard of your Life Path number, but there are many other numbers in your chart that can reveal more about you! Some Numerology numbers can indicate your strengths and weaknesses, while others influence your personality traits or the opportunities that come into your life. Here are some of the highlights:

Life Path number: Your Life Path is the most important Numerology number in your chart. It reveals the road you are on and the person you are spending your lifetime working to become. The Life Path number is derived from your day, month, and year of birth.

Birthday number: This number tells you about special skills you were born with and can now offer the world.

Expression number: Your Expression number reveals your personal strengths and challenges that influence the way you walk your life path.

Personality number: This is like the cover of your book — it represents the side of you that you show to the world.

Soul Urge number: Your Soul Urge points to your sincerest desires and what will make you feel fulfilled on the deepest level.

Personal Year, Month, and Day cycles: These numbers are always changing and reveal what you can expect during a given time frame.

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Numerology methods uses the Pythagorean method, which is a western form of Numerology based on the studies of the Greek philosopher Pythagoras. It is based on the numbers 1-9 and the Latin alphabet A-Z.

Another form, called Chaldean Numerology, originated in Babylonia and differs from the Pythagorean method in some big ways. For instance, the Chaldean method is based on numbers 1-8 instead of 1-9, and a person’s current name is used in calculations, rather than the name they were given at birth.

Kabbalah Numerology, however, is based on the Hebrew alphabet and, instead of taking a person’s date of birth into account, this method only utilizes their name. You may also hear of other systems of Numerology like Cheiro and Tamil. While every method is different from the others, all of them can deliver powerful insights about number energies and the ways they are impacting our lives!

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